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Hi Nelson,

I think that Facebook has different roles to play for different businesses. For more established ones with an existing reputation it seems to be a straight promo channel, that they push competitions and offers through. For others it is a place to start the customer relationship.

But, fundamentally it is a communications channel so it doesn’t create credibility, what you put into it creates credibility.

On trust, the interactions from your community can produce content that engenders trust, but if you want something more lasting than a wall post, a custom page that is interesting and builds in customer experiences and testimonials or on the Info page include a link to testimonials on your own website to create something more permanent.


Canex Graphic Designs, post: 83154 wrote:
Thanks for replying guys!
I guess it also depends on whether your target market will find you on Facebook, how useful/interesting your Facebook page is for them and how often you update it.

I’ve been thinking of considering it for a while but think that it is free advertising that doesn’t require that much attention (other than the updating/uploading of info etc). I guess I’m with you Bridiej – if I don’t get anything out of it then what’s the point? I’ll have to make sure I keep asking clients where they found me and if they have looked at my Facebook page to see whether I should just scrap it.

So thanks – I’ll pass this info on next time someone asks me :)