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I think there’s been some really interesting points made here – particularly about having quality content and the value of FB for business to consumer.

From feedback I’ve had from younger consumers – Y gen – they place credibility on social media profiles of businesses, but that’s not surprising, as it’s all a very normal part of life to them.

For X gen and baby boomers I don’t think social media is a point of credibility.

For She Inspires I’ve found FB to be really useful for attracting readers, subscribers and advertisers so it’s worked particularly well for me. But then, I’ve also put effort into it this year so the difference between 2010 and 2011 is significant.

For Creatively Belle I’ve only just created a business page for it and it’s growing slowly, as expected.

I love that it’s free advertising and builds my relationship with my customers. Social media is an integral part of my marketing mix – just as my email newsletters are. I don’t do print advertising at all any more.

It has been a learning experience and I expect to keep on learning constantly with it and also to keep benefiting from it as I get better with it.

My interviews with others making a success from it all have benefited me, taught me more so if you’re interested you can check them out at http://www.sheinspires.com.au/social-media-tips

It took me quite a while to get my head around Facebook. But now I have I value it in my marketing plan. Next is to get Twitter up there too!

Good luck to everyone with their marketing – whatever form it takes!