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Checked out your page. Things I think are relevant to this conversation:

1. LIkes don’t mean anything but sales do. You’re looking at Facebook for business the wrong way.

2. You are in a crowded FB niche BUT there are plenty of deisgn firms that ONLY exist on FB and make a good living out of it. If I were you, I woudl focus on networking in the WAHP scene on FB – OOOODLES of work for you there.

3. For a graphic designer, you page lacks “pop” – design up a welcome page and side bar etc. As your branding is quite blokey, I would consider softening it slightly for FB as women are the main networkers and purchasers. Otherwise use that to differentiate yourself – make you FB motto – No I don’t design freaking pastel owls – you’ll probably get a few customers from just NOT being that designer.

4. Graphic design is an INSANELY crowded niche for SEO too. Facebook has a SEOMoz Authority of 100, the Alexa rank of 2 (the second biggest site in the whole wide world) and can lend you a WHOLE lot of SEO power. Optimise your page for search engines, whack in an RSS feed, get your tweets, blogs, you tube and FB all workign in sync and see yourself appearing all over google.

5. If you don’t enjoy facebook, don’t do it, or pass it on to a community manager to do for you – otherwise your branding will be there – it will be “lame”

Hope that helps.