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MsLilyPonds, post: 87395 wrote:
Facebook has a SEOMoz Authority of 100, the Alexa rank of 2 (the second biggest site in the whole wide world) and can lend you a WHOLE lot of SEO power.
Hi Ms Lily
My apologies for jumping in but I feel I must offer what I believe is a correction for the sake of folk reading this thread.

Links from Facebook pages are not usually very valuable links compared to those from many other websites. The primary problem is the content of a Facebook page. The value of an external link is strongly influenced by the referring page’s content. If you want link ranking points for the words “copywriting service” then, everything else being equal, you will get many more ranking points from a page that is all about copywriting.

Facebook pages are seldom topic specific – it is in the nature of the medium. They are full of snippets on all manner of topics that evolve with the posts of page visitors. Eg. Your FB Home covers:

Copywriter Brisbane
Japanese tsunami
branding and customer service
Social media

Google is trying to identify pages that appear to be relevant to a specific search question. Facebook pages typically look like extremely long shopping lists. Google will not assign many link ranking points for any keywords when the page content is not dedicated to those keywords.

SEOMoz Open Site Explorer Tool
Here is what SEOMoz say…

Page Austhority:
“Page authority is a number… that describes how… potentially well this page could rank given no other features about it. So we don’t know what query it’s trying to rank for. We don’t know the anchor text that it’s trying to rank for. We don’t know what keywords are on that page or anything.”

Domain Authority:
“It’s essentially saying, “How well would this domain overall perform?” As you can imagine, correlation with page authority is better than domain authority.”

(Ref: Video – Which Link Metrics Should I Use?

This video goes to great lengths to explain the limitations of simply taking PA and DA at face value.

A much simpler way of demonstrating whether a Facebook page has much “link juice” is to ask Google.

Try a couple of searches for the phrases “words that work” and “copywriting service”. I’ve selected these because you use them in the titles of quite a number of your Facebook pages and I can see that G has indexed them.

For “words that work” G returns one Facebook page around #30, 2 in the 100-200 range, 1 in the 200-300 range and none are your pages.

Facebook has 3,000+ pages that include the phrase “copywriting service”. The first Facebook page is ranked 411 and it is not one of your pages either.

If PA and DA alone were important, Google results would be full of Facebook pages. You rarely see them.

If you want a more valuable link for “copywriting service”, try to get one here: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/directory/Writing-editing-publishing/Copywriting. It ranks much higher in G than any Facebook page.

(PS These examples are also guilty of over simplification but they may offer some balance to the discussion.)

Sorry to be picky. :-)