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Hi Jaymelv- just to add to previous comments:

1. Registering in each state would not necessarily ‘protect’ the name. To ‘protect’ a name and allow you the right to stop others from using it without your permission requires trademark registration, which is an Australia wide registration. The business name registrations are not designed for providing exclusivity in the use, or ownership, of the name; they are basically an alias for whoever is running the business so that there can be a record of who is conducting business in Australia.

2. Next year, a new national business name system will start unfolding. So, if you have registered in WA for example this year, you will be moved to the national system when it commences. If someone has the same name registered as a business in another state already you will both be moved to the national system and your states will be used as identifiers and form part of your name – eg: ABC (WA); ABC (VIC) etc.

If you have coined a unique and distinct name for your business you may be eligible to register the name as a trademark, which should be considered. Trademark registration provides the owner with the right to use that name, for nominated goods/services (so no-one can stop you using it), and where the criteria are met, allow them to take action against others for trademark infringement.

All the best