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Eye Candy By Ali
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So much good advice here has been given. I personally am very lucky to have a wonderfully supportive partner and financial security that was built prior to launch. However, it can still be disconcerting when you have weeks with no bookings, or months where you spend more on advertising than you are making back. As they say, you have to spend money to make money.

Once you have your own business, you never stop working. You really do give up the 8 hour day to work 16 hours (at least I do) – When i’m not doing makeup, im networking like mad, SEO’ing my website, working FB and twitter as much as possible and just learning, learning, learning.

The biggest thing is dont be afraid to network with your competitors, and try not to be paralysed by fear. Self talk is very important. Instead of worrying “what will happen if it doesn’t work out” try to worry like this: “what will happen if i’m so busy i can’t handle it on my own”.

I truly believe that if you put your heart in to it and never give up, you will get there. You reap what you sow. There will be days when you need a thick skin, and a big fat glass of wine, the highs and lows can be rough, but never give up! good luck!