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Hi Gab,
Are you asking for SEO help?

If you need to buy a domain name every time you want to target a specific search phrase, it is going to get very expensive.

You don’t need to go to this extreme to attract potential customers to your site.

I have a client whose domain name searches generate about 10% of their site’s traffic.

The top 40 most used search phrases (according to Google) only generate around 40% of the site’s traffic. (This client ranks top 5 for most of these 40 search phrases.)

The 60% of search engine referrals to this site come from 900+ different search phrases in any given month and these search phrases each generate less than 10 referals per month.

At best, these referfals include one word from the client’s domain name.

PS. If you you would like SEO advice, please send ne a PM, I’d be delighted to help. :-)