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Hi Serena,

Im not 100% clear on the information you’re after, whether it be help to improve a page based on these stats or if you’re just wanting to understand the meaning of the stats? Without seeing the page I can only answer the latter question and hope that was what you wanted answers to.

These have been pulled straight from GA Help:

Page Views vs. Unique Page Views

A page view is defined as a view of a page on your site that is being tracked by the Analytics tracking code. If a visitor hits reload after reaching the page, this will be counted as an additional page view. If a user navigates to a different page and then returns to the original page, a second page view will be recorded as well.

A unique page view, as seen in the Top Content report, aggregates page views that are generated by the same user during the same session. A unique page view represents the number of sessions during which that page was viewed one or more times.

Time on Page

This field indicates how long a visitor spent on a particular page or set of pages. It is calculated by subtracting the initial view time for a particular page from the initial view time for a subsequent page. Thus, this metric does not apply to exit pages for your site.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page).

Exit Rate

The percentage of site exits that occurred from a page or set of pages.

So going by your stats, and without knowing anything about the page or site:

1. Bounce rate is high. There is no real defined good or bad rate, as it depends on the site itself. But theoretically anything over 50% means more than half of your visitors don’t find your site interesting enough to look at another page once they’ve arrived.

2. Exit rate is high. Over half of your site visitors are leaving the site from this page.

3. Time on page is good.

So without knowing anything about the page or the site, it seems there is enough info to keep visitors on the page for a little while, but you’re lacking a decent call to action or any other means to keep them on the site.

Hope that helps.