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Kathy Creaner, post: 83247 wrote:
Hi Kerry

One way to get blog followers is to be one. If you’re actively commenting on other people’s blogs, you’ll find that they and their followers will come and look at yours. I have a whole community of running friends in Australia and overseas that I first made contact with through a personal blog.

I notice you don’t have a “subscribe to my blog” option. Maybe that’s something you can do.

Do you have your own business twitter account? You can always tweet your posts.

I have also seen people “guest blogging”, which is another way to expand your audience.

I hope this helps.


Everything helps thanks Kathy :) I’ve only just joined FS and finding it extraordinary the amount of great advice/input I’m receiving. Will see if I can sort the ‘subscribe to my blog’ option. Don’t tweet – just mentioned that one in previous reply to Tony 😮 Will check out other blogs that inspire for sure .
Again with thanks