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onsiteTECHS, post: 90314 wrote:
Every $399 website that is built on a WordPress back-end with very minimal customisation and installation of a few plugins has the potential to deliver the same results as a $15,000 website, assuming the content on both websites is the same and the same effort is put into off-page SEO and on-page maintenance

I don’t think anyone said that a $500 word press install doesn’t have the potential of a $15,000 website…A $0 nothing install has that potential too. :)

onsiteTECHS, post: 90314 wrote:
I have seen more than a few $15,000 websites which deliver zero value, and have zero potential to deliver any value because they were designed with beauty and form in mind over function.

This is what they call a strawman arguement isn’t it? I dont think anyone said one should blow all their budget on pretty stuff.

onsiteTECHS, post: 90314 wrote:
The thing I object to most about the idea that you need to spend $15,000 to get a website that delivers value, is that there is often no indication about what that $15,000 is being used to deliver. If it’s being used to create visually stunning Flash design and perhaps create a CMS from scratch in PHP that does nothing more than WordPress, then it is of no benefit over a $399 or even $199 or DIY website.

This too is strawman. I don’t think anyone said you should hire incompetants :)

onsiteTECHS, post: 90314 wrote:
If a $15,000 website package involves keyword research, copywriting, on and off-page SEO, ongoing maintenance and regular article writing (as an example), then sure that website is likely to perform better than a $399 website, but not because the initial price was higher – rather because money was spent on services other than designing the initial website.

A website consists of all these things, not just design. For example, a business is not the building it resides in.

onsiteTECHS, post: 90314 wrote:
For some customers getting an initial website created which allows them to get their head around the concept and see for themselves what’s involved in maintaining a website is money well spent (not at $15k though!) even if it doesn’t deliver many results – assuming that the basics are done correctly, and with WordPress there’s little chance that they are not. When they are ready though, they can easily start doing all of the things that I guess were done in your $15,000 example above or pay for an SEO expert to do it for them.

I don’t know if many go in thinking that they are going to have to spend $15,000 extra do they? or maybe they do? My observation of most people is they get websites because everyone else has them, not as part of some strategy.

There are all kinds of considerations, like opportunity costs, time to market, etc, etc…For example, one can learn the ropes in a not so good location making no money and learning things, meanwhile the guy paying the high rent has earned 50 times as much…and doesn’t need to know the ropes because he/she paid a professional to do it…….the skill is in identifying the professional, not in becoming one yourself…unless of course you are a web developer.