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onsiteTECHS, post: 90314 wrote:
I understand what you’re saying John, and agree to a certain extent – what I don’t agree with is the correlation you’re drawing between the results the two websites in your example are delivering and the initial cost to build them.

I learned to drive in a beat up second-hand Ford Laser that got me from home to school and plenty of other places reliably enough for many years
Hi John,
I think we are in complete agreement on many things.

Publishing web pages is simple and easy. Eight year old kids can do it. If pushed, I could create them using nothing more complex then the Notepad text editor that comes with Windows. The problem is both of these publishing methods would result in impossibly ugly, user-unfriendly pages that would achieve nothing.

If you jump from these juvenile page publishing methods to using a free design template provided by any CMS system, you have progressed no further, except you may have reduced the site’s ugliness a little and it will be faster to publish more irrelevant web pages.

At this point, you have achieved nothing more than a bigger hole in the ozone layer.

If you can’t get your information in front of potential customers, everything has been wasted.

My post related to a cheap website of 800+ web pages and a $15k website of 300+ pages.

The expensive site’s cost included research, design, copywriting, system development and publishing costs. The “cheap site” was quoted by a developer who only included WordPress system installation with his cheap price.

The problems for people wanting a website include:

  • lack of transparency in the quote,
  • incompetence of the quoting entity and
  • incomplete disclosure of what is needed in the quotation.

If the web is a hobby for anyone, by all means spend a few years learning about how it and search engines work. If however you want to work on your business, not in it, you may want to spend some money on professional advice to achieve the most profits for your business.

You use the analogy of learning about how to drive a car. I humbly suggest it would be more accurate to liken it to becoming a motor mechanic.

You don’t need to become a motor mechanic to drive more enquiries from your website.

PS. I learned to drive on a 1948 Ford Prefect with a 3 speed manual box that you had to hold in 2nd gear when you went up a hill. I did not need to know how to replace its gasket to be able to drive to school. :-)