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Aidan, post: 86494 wrote:
Listen carefully, I will say this only 1,000 times:

Meta Keywords do NOT assist ranking. Neither does a Meta Description.

A lot of experiments have also shown that H1, H2, H3… have little to do with it…

Very true. The only thing you need a meta description for is to ‘sell’ to your target market ‘why they should click on your listing (rather than your competitors) in the search engines’ once you have ranked your site under appropriate keyword terms.

I’d still run with optimised H1 tags, however content is more important here.

Also you don’t have your page URL’s optimised. They’re either /weddings or /portraits etc. These need to be renamed to applicable search phrases for customers looking for your products. Then ensure the content and page URL are along the same path.

Also fix your image alt tags as mentioned – however I don’t think you’ll have a lot of buying customers coming through the image side of the search engines. Nonetheless it’s good to have them optimised regardless.

Once that’s achieved outsource some link building – if you really want to see significant change.

You just need to make sure that you have the on-page optimisation complete. It’s like constructing a residential building. On page is the foundations, you need it there, however it’s not going to be the big money maker – that’ll come with quality off-page optimisation from someone who knows what they’re doing (especially in the competitive photography niche).

Hope that helps