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KimC, post: 84450 wrote:

I have been reading through this section to get help on what I should do, SEO regards which my website.

Now, I’m concerned I’m doing something wrong on my website – as I just dont seem to be receiving any enquiries from it. I track my analytics practically daily.

Last weeking I was at an expo, and expected that my website would have more people look at this week. And it doesnt appear as though thats happened.

The other concern is my search engine % is around the 7-8% which is not good enough.

I have invested in this website quite a bit, and it has fantastic back end including direct fullfillment to my pro lab. The appearance is rather limited, and I feel I have done the best I could do, which those limitations.

So I guess – throw me your constructive criticism, suggestions regarding some basic seo. Or even tell me I should change providers.. or PM if you think you can assist me..

I’m also concerned my url is not the best option, so I might want to change that.

the URL – http://www.illuminationoflife.com.au

Hi Kim,

had a look at your site. I honestly think it needs to be more visually appealing. Maybe a white background? Just an idea.

You wedding photos Look awesome!