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Aidan, post: 84953 wrote:

I can’t agree with that at all, the landing page part is largely a pass or fail and most pass, its been estimated at about 5% of the equation!

Both Google itself and countless experiments tell us that CTR is the biggest driver of quality score by a long shot.

Totally agree with Aidan, and his previous post. Local PPC campaigns can bring their CPC down and improve the QS with great CTR, and if you use the strategy that Aidan suggest, you can achieve this.

Another tiny thing worth noting is to make sure you run you campaign specifically for the search network (and Google partners if you like).

I know this is pretty obvious for some, but I can tell you that lots of people forget this very simple step (unless you WNAT ads on the display network, in which case a new campaign should be set).

Avoid targeting mobile devices, unless your site is ready to receive mobile traffic. If so, then create separate campaigns for that.