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This sounds like a great story I should re-post on my website.

I’d really like to know why you’re doing your own PPC campaign when you would get a better result using a service provider which would provide you a much greater return on your investment.

Our PPC clients have their incoming calls from their PPC campaigns recorded so they can listen back and ensure they’re not losing money from internal problems or missed calls etc… We also monitor for ROI and then hone in on keywords that are actually working, IE: conversions, then focus your budget on those only.

As a side note; I would have thought your business niche isn’t overly competitive, so you should be actively pursuing organic rankings over PPC first and foremost (unless you need instant results).

I recently did a comparison for one of my clients who does ‘lead generation’ and found a PPC campaign would cost her $18,000 p/month to generate 3000 visitors and in our estimate we could achieve the same result using an SEO strategy for $2,000 p/month.

ROI is such an important factor which shouldn’t be overlooked!