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I’ve not personally used squarespace but a friend of mine does.

I’m pretty sure you can add plugins to squarespace similar to what you can do with WordPress. If that is the case, then you should add an SEO plugin of some kind which will help you add all the Meta Data you need for SEO as you create pages.

There’s a stack of things wrong with the site from an SEO point of view.

You need to use H1 tags as a minimum – they should include early references to your primary keywords you’re targeting.


This isn’t a keyword you’re trying to rank for and this is really where your H1 tag should be. Change that to “NEW MOTHERS LOOKING AFTER NEW BORNS” or whatever is most relevant, if you’re trying to rank for NEW MOTHERS.

A good free tool is Screaming Frog which can highlight some issues with your site, but i think you really need to understand the SEO basics. That’s why we only develop with WordPress and use Yoasts SEO plugin. It’s SEO for Dummies basically, making it very easy for our clients to do the on page SEO 80% right and we just come and tweak it each month as needed.