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David@Verve Recruitment
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SweetBusinessDeals.com.au, post: 86468 wrote:
So here goes another question for the many SMEs out there. I’m sure the answers will probably help the many B2B group-buying sites around here at the moment (including ourselves) :)

I’m surprised to here there’s several business to business group buying sites. I thought you’d be the only one.

I’m interested in learning more. Anything that will introduce us to new clients is worth considering.

SweetBusinessDeals.com.au, post: 89002 wrote:
We’re talking with plenty of merchants who can provide our members with great offers from office stationary all the way to cost-effective VoIp and cloud solutions to match all business sizes.

I’d be wondering if you’d need the businesses to provide a specific discount in order to be listed on the site. A lot of businesses out there already have great prices and won’t be able to justify reducing costs further, but would benefit in simply having their great offers in a public forum. I read most of the comments in the thread but perhaps I don’t quite understand them correctly – you have to pay the online deals company up front? Ouch. Or you have to agree a revenue share? Wha?

Increased awareness and attracting new clients is great, but businesses still need to make money.

If there’s a business deals site that offers an affordable solution, i’d be interested.

JohnW, post: 89074 wrote:
Now anyone can buy “deal site” software for very little money but that is the easy part…

How, what, where?