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David@Verve Recruitment
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angela123, post: 103065 wrote:
I started my deals site in October, and although it was a bit slow starting up, it is now running pretty well. I have some great businesses who want to come on board and advertise, and my list of subscribers is now substantial and growing every day (thanks mainly to people sharing deals on FB :))

Mine is a niche site, pet deals, and as a pet lover myself, I know how expensive pet stuff is at full retail price, this is what drove me to create this business.


You sell advertising on your daily deal site? So if you have a daily deal, e.g. a pink dog food bowl, the distributor / retailer will pay you an amount to list the deal? So no commissions, just a flat rate for a days listing? Can I ask how much?

How do you manage to get 365 deals a year? Is that where the hard work comes in, in chasing advertisers / suppliers?

I’m not looking to start a pets daily deals shop by the way. Great idea though.