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angela123, post: 103096 wrote:
no, the way it works is the advertiser pays me a commission on each item sold. I don’t have a new deal every day at this stage, they usually run for a week. I am not operating this as my only source of income, so I probably haven’t been as focussed as I could have, at the moment I am listing deals as they come to me. I have alot of businesses who want to come on board, but it takes time to put a deal together, and some of them don’t want to do it immediately, they want to target a particular time. :)
I am having great fun with it, it is a bit of a creative outlet for me, still have to tweak a few things, but it is all coming together nicely.

Cool. Sounds fun.

I have a similar idea that I’m tempted to have a play with. Get a website up and running and see how it goes. In some ways my idea is unique, but is perhaps more likely to be derivative of other existing sites. Still, would be nice to have a play with it and see how it goes. That is, when I get the time to get things properly planned.

I think that the main problem will not be getting the website up and running, but in attracting advertisers / suppliers, and I can imagine that that would need to be done with pro-active marketing – telemarketing. Certainly for the initial period. Once the website is popular hopefully they’ll be incoming requests but until then I guess that’s where the hard work comes in? Or have you found plenty of interest even shortly after you’ve listed your site, meaning that you don’t really need to market to find suppliers / advertisers. If so, I’d be thinking that getting the deal together needn’t be difficult. Just let them do the deal they want. Get the deal done, move on to the next.

I’m interested in website costs for these daily deal type sites, if they can be done on the cheap or if they have to be an expensive affair, and I’m also interested in the payment model. It seems that commission of sales is the accepted business model, and potentially highly profitable, but I’d be thinking that a flat rate fee would be more easily digestible by potential suppliers / advertisers and as such would make it easier for the website to develop.

I’m also interested in what kind of ongoing costs (for high traffic web hosting) would be involved, and what the likely revenue would be. I don’t really want to spend a lot of time planning and my hard earned developing something if it’s only to yield a few bucks here and there.