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Hi David,

Funny you mention that :) In the new version of the site (soon to be launched) we’ve actually got a ‘Run a Deal’ section where potential merchants could offer their services/ products and if suitable we could then pass onto the deal site.

We’re actually ironing out agreements with some of the sites at the moment, I didn’t want to say much until the new site was up but I might as well while we’re on the topic.

We’ll be working almost as a broker between both merchant and deal site to make the transaction easier from both sides.

I can understand your point of view about the 50% comm. At the moment B2B is very niche and competition is not as fierce as the consumer side of things. I think there’s something in excess of 80 deal sites in the consumer space. I guess that’s one of the reasons the B2B sites can still command the 50/50 split. Some sites are able to budge if they see that the deal is sweet enough for their audience.

Feel free to send me an email if you want to know more, we may be able to structure a deal where it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

[email protected]


David@Verve Recruitment, post: 103381 wrote:
Hi Paul,

If someone wanted to have their business services listed on any or all of these sites how would they go about that? Contact each of the sites individually? Maybe you could have their contact details on your site too (just a thought).

What would their requirements be? How does getting on their sites work? Maybe you could have a page on your site, “You want your company to be listed?” and give a rough outline of each companies requirements etc. Even better, perhaps you could get a referal fee from the sites for forwarding interested parties on. I’m full of good ideas aren’t I.

I’ve contacted one of the sites in the past and just got a swift not interested. I’m also concerned about the sites advising or requesting a 50% reduction of the product or service because we actually like getting paid for what we do so that we can eat, pay our bills and stuff. We couldn’t give a significant price drop because we’re already sharp as nails.

We’d be massively interested in getting onto some of these sites but it needs to work for us too.