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Hi Nel,

I think you need to speak to your accountant re the requirements of Pty Limited directors.

To Neill’s quite sure that you don’t have to have an Australian resident as a director. Recently, I made an enquiry with our account for a client of mine who resides in the USA but looking to set up a company in Australia (note – I am not sure if advice would change for already established company, versus the setting up of one) and I quote from the accountant’s advisory email to me:

“In order to set up a company it needs to have at least one Australian
Resident Director. If he does not fall into this category then there are
other options (by also appointing an accountant, Solicitor, Family
Member). He can also be a Director….”

I am not personally certain one way or the other, but given there are two opposite “pretty sure” opinions/thoughts here, your accountant should be able to confirm 100% for you.

Good Luck