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John C.
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NickHumphries, post: 87456 wrote:
I don’t suggest keeping your efforts focused on ebay, while it does drive customers, fees are getting higher and higher and the ATO is sniping out those that earn alot on there.

Try turn those ebay customers into ones that will buy again on your website. For example, maybe your website can have lower prices.

Although I agree that building your own e-commerce website in preference to (and perhaps alongside) relying on a third party like eBay is a great idea for many varied reasons, I’m not sure I understand why the concern about the ATO paying particular attention to eBay sellers comes up so often as a reason not to use eBay – sure, the ATO is currently paying attention to eBay sellers who are earning lots of money that they are not declaring at tax time (rightly so in my opinion), but they do this sort of focussed targeting every year based on different industry sectors and databases they have access to. Changing from eBay to another sales channel won’t protect you from that scrutiny.

An Australian business needs to make sure that they are paying their fair share of taxes (no more and no less than they are obliged to under law) regardless of where they sell their goods or services, in which case ATO scrutiny will be no problem and will probably proceed unnoticed.

I agree with all your other points.