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Tony Pfitzner
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A couple of points:

1) I would not focus on eBay. Your business will sink or swim depending on the vagaries of eBay, their cost structure, and the high levels of competition to which you will be exposed. They may no longer be a force in a couple of years. Who knows.

It’s your business, and you need all your intellectual property under your control. This means a self-hosted ecommerce site, your own analytics, PPC accounts etc.

2) Pay per click is going to be your quickest and easiest route to get traffic. Properly set up and tuned pay-per-click – both Adwords and YSM – campaigns will be the mainstay of your business for the forseeable future. Mature retail businesses in the space you are talking about will get roughly 40% of traffic from PPC, 40% from organic search and 20% from existing customers and feeds. As a start-up the lions share will come from PPC.

One aspect that people don’t factor in with PPC is the market intelligence value it contributes, which goes way beyond just traffic. You can find out what exactly people are looking for, what products are the most profitable, and you can do this in a very precise and controlled way.