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SuzsSpace, post: 87834 wrote:
Crowd funding works best when you have an outside network and can advertise it to that outside network. Social media is awesome for this. I’ve spent a bit of time on Kickstarter and I’m guessing those projects that weren’t funded didn’t do much advertising outside Kickstarter. A project I recently backed was advertised on Twitter and Facebook among others and it was advertised by those people within the project as well as some of the backers. They made excellent use of social media and made certain to get the message through to as many avenues as possible. Their goal was $45,000 and they got $82,000.

Yeah I agree. Though TBH I don’t know how people get a big following through social media unless they are an artist such as a singer or something. Guess this is why this type of stuff dominates KS.

Other things that seem to do well too are tech gadgets where people have developed a prototype already.