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Thanks everyone for the responses and reminder of school/public holidays. It’s funny when you work in your own business and have no kids those two types of holidays tend to not make an appearance in your consciousness!

How does the following sound:

Wednesday 3rd October
Dolcetti in Five Dock (294 Great North Rd Wareemba NSW 2046)
10am – 11am

Anyone and everyone is welcome.

I have just recently begun working from home as the Business Manager of a small online business. We provide educational courses to doctors and nurses all over the world – so we are both a tech savvy company, focused on education with the small business go-get attitude. Bit of everything.

Personally, I’m mid-20s, love to get out and about and meet new people, so even if you’re not business focused, i’d still like to meet you. Any stay-at-home Mums (or Dads) who are also looking to connect and meet new people would be welcome. Everyone always has something to contribute, right?

Do let me know if the date/time/place is no good – happy to be flexible. (But am away for September, sorry).