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The Infotainer
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I am going to fight at the expense of reputation and media connections

I don’t care anymore. I hate liars can artists and I will fight to get my money back I don’t care what the media says which is crap anyway- they only write articles about companies that spend big on adverts, they never seem to write articles on non advertising customers and I don’t want to spend $3k on a small advert anyway so stuff them. The PR articles they do write are advertorial anyway which most journalists don’t like to write. I think Journalists that flake out of the real world become journalists for the events industry

There is so much advice given on how to get PR but all those rules go out the window when it comes to the backstabbing world of corporate events

Some of my friends have quit the business of corporate events and I think I will do as well, so if I am going to quit I am going to go out with a bang

thank you all for your comments and support I will still be doing shows- but I am not going to waste a cent on an industry full of_______ insert rude word here