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It’s sad to see you so down, your usually the one with inspirational ideas, but here’s my thoughts

Although I know next to nothing of your industry, I would suggest not doing a trade show that is all about your industry, my guess is that most people that attend industry events are people in the industry or looking to get into the industry. They probably come looking for a specific thing and have blinders on to everything else.

My suggestion would be to think out of the box, attend expos that are filled with exhibitors that are in your target market. That way you won’t be competing, you will stand out. People attending are going to be also in your target market, or looking to be in that industry/target market. On top of all of that in between the various stage events you could offer to do some break up acts. Most events also have the first day as a trade only day were people in the industry get a chance to look at each others stuff network etc.

There might be industry press there giving you press outside your industry and into your target markets