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The Infotainer
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Dave.Goralski, post: 87980 wrote:
It’s sad to see you so down, your usually the one with inspirational ideas, but here’s my thoughts

My suggestion would be to think out of the box, attend expos that are filled with exhibitors that are in your target market. That way you won’t be competing, you will stand out.

Exhibitors are one of my target market

But if your suggestion is to spend 2-5K on a stand to exhibit then no I don’t have the budget for this, I am not sure why I would have an exhibit at for example CEBIT

if your suggestion is to cold call on stands at the expo- then been there tried that got kicked out of many trade shows and got a bad rep for years until I finally wrote apology letters to the organisers, this idea of cold calling on stands was an idea from a las vegas performer and simply was the worst advice i had ever got.

In the USA you can buy a book for $400 that has over 12000 names of exhibitors and their contact details to market to (around 20000 now), over here there are no lists to buy no lists to rent- organisers don’t share their database and most exhibitor lists on exhibit websites do not have any contact details the association is full of stand designers that promote themselves and themselves only on the association and they are the ones who are on the committee- they are also the ones who sponsor the exhibition awards and funnily enough are also the winners in most cases.

I recently entered the Entertainer of the year awards for my work at trade shows- I was beaten by Karaoke singers….. WTF the events industry of Australia have no idea and I cannot be bothered being apart of it. I would look into going to the USA but the trade shows there still have not recovered from the GFC plus it would cost a bit to do that.

basically I don’t care anymore, I don’t care what anyone thinks of me i cannot see any purpose with the corporate market I am quitting and it makes me sad