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Dave.Goralski, post: 88001 wrote:
Didn’t mean to be cold calling or targeting exhibitors as such, but as you found in your last expo, most of the attendees relate to the industry being exhibited. My thoughts were instead of doing a expo of your industry, why not pick another that is exhibiting to your target market

there are none

there are only 3 events related expos in Australia

2 of which are owned and run by the same company and the second is called AIME which to be honest is triple the cost of the one I exhibited at and is more for meetings and it’s in Melbourne, I have been booked to do that trade show by an exhibitor and because of all the pre scheduled meetings and seminars you stand around 90% of the time with an empty exhibition hall- I didn’t charge the client because I felt sorry for them after I know how much they spend on getting space plus signage. (they still paid for my flights and accom)

and thats it really ADMA Australian direct marketing Forum is a wasteland. It’s all seminars and the only time people go into the exhibition is during the lunch breaks and they go directly from the door way to the lunch area- grab there food and walk out to eat our doors, I have been booked there as well no one goes into the exhibition, you would think MaRKETING PEOPLE GREAT nope they don’t even waste their time going into the exhibition you will also see half way through the day exhibitors pack up their stand because it’s so crap

does anyone know of any marketing trade shows out there? I don’t know any