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SheInspires, post: 87189 wrote:
I have found http://www.sourcebottle.com.au to be a great resource so maybe through there you can find business who is happy with their PR agency and take it from there?

I’ve tried source bottle, it has very good PR itself and seems to be doing well :-)
I didn’t get any response on a couple of things I sent in and I was a bit annoyed with the emails twice a day, so I un-subscribed.

I might give it another go at another chance.

Funny – today I was going over the PR section on FS directory and saw your business states Bondi Junction – we’re almost neighbours. I also found your site quite relevant with my target audience – micro businesses.

Perhaps we can work together some time….

As for the PR i’ve found what I was looking for and hope to provide good comments in the future.