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PR Guru Julie
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OMG What a reputation we have eh? Firstly though, I must dispel the myth that everyone charges a monthly retainer – they are a thing of the past, because you guessed it, everyone wants (and deserves) fees for services.

If you want to outsource your PR I would suggest you do some research. I’d recommend you go to http://www.pria.com.au – which lists registered consultancy group members in each state. You can then select the PR company that most suits your type of business. Talk to about 3-4 of them to see if you are a good match and ask to see case studies of what they have achieved for their clients. The PRIA has information on what to write in your brief or scope of work to enable an agency to provide project costs.

And there’s another option – and that’s to do it yourself. But, you need time and some tools (and knowledge). Have a look at our PR Guru website http://www.prguru.com.au and our blog as there’s lots of free advice and useful tools (book, media release writing service, media database lists and more!

These are the tools that we use in our own business at JMM Communications which by way, only ever charges fee for service or project fees.

See you in the media!