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Hi Sal,

Had read through your post again tonight, I want to apologise for the mistake I made on the final point regarding Sunday work. I suggested $50 per hour on a hypothetical rate of $20 per hour on Sunday work as a casual employee. It should be $40 per hour instead of $50 that is a penalty payment of an additional100% of hourly rate of $20 excluding casual loading of 25%.

If you are considering of opening on Sunday, would you be willing to train some junior employees who could work on Sundays but they will be paid 50% of adult employee’s rate (only my opinion)? It reminded me of my first job I was landed after have arrived in Australia in the middle of 1990th. The then employer of the company hired five casual adult employees and around ten of students who were around 16-year of age at that time. They worked few hours a day for few days a week after school and adult employees were made sure that not earning more than $450 per month. Now penny drops – I neither owned much during the six-month working for the company nor was I entitled to any superannuation on my wages…

Please be aware of that the employees will be entitled to 9% superannuation on their OTE including penalty rate, but overtime, leave loading and all the leave entitlements as a lump sum on termination of employment are not attracted to the superannuation.