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Problem many people don’t realise is that a domain registration has no legal binding to a business registration. For example, I have trademarked my business name, thus all registrations that try to use my “word”/”name” I get emailed and can restrict them from owning a domain name.

However, if you only have a registered business name in AU or NZ or USA etc that means you can do work there, but someone else can use that name in another form to run their business. This can be where people are trying to use other business credibility to get their business going (similar name parts of the same name).

In this when you lease a website/template most of the groups I deal with as an IT provider they have rules, I can OWN a design for $3,000 to $5,000 or USE it for $30-$50. They also have locked in the bottom their business “copyright of ABC Pty Ltd” which makes it so unless I OWN it they have all copyrights to the design of the site and the images etc.

If you had this in a contract that he signed then you have a legal document that would stand in court.