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seocourse, post: 86607 wrote:
Obviously I have no PRECISE DATA to backup my facts…
I’m with you on this one, Gab.

I suspect there are many functions where the G algorithm imparts a “slow down” effect like you describe.

My subjective impression is that it could be applied to new website indexing, link indexing, “review” indexing and more.

Have you noticed G index a number of pages from a new domain in a week or so post-launch, then drop most of them from its cache for a period of time?

With all the automated scraper programs and useless business directory sites cluttering G’s results, I suspect “slow downs” are intended and part of G’s index clean up process.

I don’t know how accurate the numbers are on this site: http://www.worldwidewebsize.com/. Check out its estimate of Google’s index size over the last 2 years. It ranges from 3 – 48 billion pages.

In the last month it reports a 10% variation between peak and trough. Maybe your client work got hammered when G dropped 10% of its pages. We’ll never know.

One thing is for sure, there will be a huge index cull again at some stage in the future. It has happened with every major algo upgrade since Google launched.

PS I liked your Top 10 Stupid SEO questions of the Week (http://www.internetninja.com.au/top-10-stupid-seo-questions-of-the-week/)