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seocourse, post: 86607 wrote:
In the last months I have been working in some niche/industries that are so competitive that I wonder all the time…

“why the heck did I accepted this gig? :confused:”…

For months it didn’t matter how many links, how much tweaks, how much authority we injected to the site…. nothing happened.

Nothing = No one single move in ranking. Like if the site was dead… not going up, not going down.

So I did the best SEO move ever: I packaged my bags and took the family to the snow.
No internet, no link building, no more SEO… bye bye link building for 10 days.

And then I came back: Surprise Surprise. 😎

AAAALLL the impossible sites ranking in top 1st page. (like magic)

So the tip of the day is… let your site and google breath. Let Google count your links in peace, without you hammering google with more links.

Sometimes allowing the crawler to index everything properly without you asking “are we there yet????” can be a great decision.

Obviously I have no PRECISE DATA to backup my facts, but In case you want to read more about the effect of SNOW and SEO , follow the link ;)

Maybe you attracted some natural links whilst you were away having fun?