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websitedesigner, post: 87339 wrote:
Yeah I guess it’s important that people know that if they don’t already…

I think most people would expect that if they change the measurement tool halfway through then they’d get inconsistent results.

I don’t know, what do other people think? Maybe I should address that issue specifically.
Hi Dan,
Easy questions.

When you point out to a site owner that they have 2 different traffic reports installed, without exception, I’ve always had to explain why the results are different. The usual site owner response is “which ones do I believe”?

Most business owners/managers and their staff have no idea about traffic reports. Often they don’t even know if they are installed and they rarely look at them.

Few have any idea what reports are important and as many have any idea about their interpretation and value.

People still don’t really know what “hits” measures.

They don’t understand visitors and unique visits.

I’ve had people ask me if the Analytics keyword report is the number of times people used the phrases in search engines.

They don’t know that Google makes the Adword traffic stats report a larger number of referrals than it does for the generic SE referrals.

They don’t know that traffic to certain file types are not reported by Analytics.

And the list goes on and on…

I can’t blame the business owners. Until the advent of Analytics, most web hosting companies configured traffic reports to give the most basic info. The traffic programs were also often limited in their reporting capabilities. Unless it’s changed or I’m mistaken, AWStats won’t report more than the top 1,000 keywords used. Not much use if you have a client whose site runs to over 30,000 unique keywords.

I had some Analytics reports sent to me last week by the in-house webmaster of a national consumer goods company.

The summary reports said the site had 6,000 visitors for the month but the keyword report said there had been 40,000 SE referrals.

Yes, there was a major stuff up in the Analytics configuration but that had been going on since last November and apparently not been detected.