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John C.
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BTD, post: 87116 wrote:
Hi carrie,

Just read this after sending you another email from my other thread! I did wonder if it was a test thing as to why PDF could not be saved…am still looking into it. And yes I have now thought of the fact that word could be changed! So I’m back to the drawing board! Im sure there must be something really easy out there to use….as I said in my other post even though I have a website ( not quite finished but getting there http://www.behindthedoorwines.com.au , there are times when I need to send an order form by email and the feedback I have had from customers is they want it to be interactive online, so I want this to be as easy as possible like I’m sure you do. And I want my Quantity to automatically add up in the total dollars….I will keep on researching, but a pro is starting to look like a really good option now!!


Hi Sally,

Check your inbox – I’ve sent back an edited PDF form that totals the columns and allows people to save and email a completed copy.

For the interest of others – by default, forms created in Acrobat X pro don’t allow recipients to save or email a completed copy as they expect (want) people to buy their LiveCycle product for sharing editable forms. You can get around this as a form designer by clicking on “Save As” and selecting “Reader Extended PDF | Enable Additional Features” from within Acrobat Pro.