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flower-child, post: 87142 wrote:
I think you misunderstood – there is no manual adjustment required. As soon as the item is purchased, it will come off the inventory.

Oscommerce can be modified to use in a B&M store with a POS contribution added.

We’ve run ours successfully for 2 years.

Hi floer-child,
Looks like I did misunderstand you. When you said “Wayne, I too have both (plus I also have independent consultants that work for me). I use oscommerce with a few mods added in.” I read that as meaning you had both POS and eCommerce (but not intergrated).

Just Googled the Oscommerce add-on (and viewed some videos on it). It looks intriguing but for cash and carry POS customers it seems a little finicky and I wonder about the back office end (like for entry of new products etc and for reporting). However being browser based (and running in the back office rather than on the web for in-store POS) I wonder if it is quick enough. Is the POS system as quick as say a supermarket checkout POS? We have 2 registers speedily scanning baskets of items like a supermarket. Perhaps not as blinding fast as in ALDI where they throw stuff at you :) but like say Coles.

Can you PM me with your website address?
Would love to know more.
Wayne FitzSimons