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CruzAccountant, post: 87126 wrote:

I have a client who owns a computer store that can help with the hardware side of things, and also has contacts who can help with the web side of things. I’ve seen Quickbooks integrated at his shop, but he is also experienced with MYOB and other commercial POS/accounting software.

I can pass on his details if you want to deal with him directly.

Thanks for you offer but I’m okay for hardware. (Incidentally I was in IT for 16+ years and used to create websites and eCommerce sites years ago for people years ago before CMS). I use Quickbooks but would never integrate the Quickbooks Retail POS software for you can never unscramble the egg once you do so. I merely enter my daily sales figures (and invoices, payments, wage calcs etc) into Quickbooks and run a completely separate POS/inventory deliberately. I am already running a good POS system but am prepared to abandon it for eCommerce/POS integration.

Wayne FitzSimons