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Hi Salad,

So I am a complete newbie here and you are my very first comment. I’m home sick with the flu and should be doing work on my current project but my mind started to wander and I ended up on flying solo. (pretty cool website)

Ok so I have had my own retail outlet and done my own importing and have the following bits of info to offer up.

Using Australian manufacturers can be really expensive.

Getting designs made overseas takes time, effort and perseverance, ( I have never had something manufactured and it been perfect on the first go.)

I have had clothes manufactured in Indonesia and China, Indonesia is very much more relaxed than China. Small minimum quantity orders than China but usually slower than China.

I have limited experience with fashion trade shows, (my shop was giftware) but I am assuming that you have access to when and where they are.(let me know if you don’t)

So that’s it for my first ever comment on a forum.

It was fun,

Thanks for reading!!