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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your feedback – it is great to see the ideas and they help create some more of my own, amalgamating what you have said. I think that your points liteon are spot on – I want the mother to see it and understand what it is and why she should visit the site – I like the change you made to what I had – I think it reads better!

Neill I actually had something similar to what you have suggested on the site so I see your point, however I think it is too broad and doesn’t explain why the mum should go to the site.

Thanks for your list Infotainer – I love lots of suggestions – it helps stimulate my brain further. (P.S. How did you go at the Business Expo?)

Here are my top choices – which one do you vote for?
Mum’s Essentials Online
Motherhood Made Simple
Mum’s Online Directory
Everything for Mums
Mum’s Central Online
Search Directory for Mums
The Directory for Mums
Mums Directory Online
The directory for busy mums
A haven for busy mums