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Edwina, post: 87577 wrote:
Thank you Rubens!

I’m pretty chuffed at my website, it was how I pictured it and was so excited at the end result. I really wanted the feel to be of quality.

Now it’s just the tweaking, which you guys have been fantastic with advice for.

The SEO component is something I’m still trying to educate myself on. Are there people out there that I can out-source that aspect too? Or are the costs incredibly prohibitive??

Thank you for any replies.

Cheers Edwina

You can go to Odesk and hire a link builder from India or the Phillipines. I would advise if you go down that path at least educate yourself on the basics of SEO or speak to someone locally that can manage it for you.

In terms of SEO on your blog, I would get your developer to set the permalinks correctly.

EG. http://maxgabriel.com.au/blog/?p=18 should be renamed to someething along the lines of http://maxgabriel.com.au/blog/beware-the-handkerchief/18/

You want your filenames to reflect your subject matter instead of just random question marks and numbers.