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Edwina, post: 87023 wrote:
Hi fellow Flying Solo-ers,

I’m just about to run a radio promo for 2 weeks prior to Fathers Day, and I would like some constructive feedback on my website please.

I have tried to educate myself on entering content but would like some professional opinions, or not so ones :) on my overall effect. I am still tidying font up, and need to enter the complete descriptions of my shirts.

I only sell online so I need to know my website conveys the quality and luxury of my shirts and brand.

Look forward to your replies.

Cheers Edwina

Hey Edwina,

All the best with the radio campaign!

My only thought would be a very slight indent of side menu items: Categories, My cart … it looks a bit to close to the edge.

Thats all I have for now.

Kind regards