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janetteb, post: 87068 wrote:
Starting a thread on Flying Solo regarding your wesite is a good start at promoting your site! :)

I think the website looks great – simple, to the point, easy to navigate.

Two small points:

1/ I tried to get back to the home page and clicked on the big “printerboy” logo but that didn’t take me back. It took me a few seconds to find the home icon – maybe a touch too small, maybe the word home would be easier to find? Maybe not.

2/ On the two pages I went on, there are grammatical spelling mistakes:

Home page: “How it works: I want to get some flyer printed up”
-flyers should be plural, not singular

How it works page: “How it works – If your a printing company”
– should be you’re (being an abbreviation or you are), not your

If there are spelling mistakes on the two pages I looked at, there are likely to be more elsewhere. As many people can’t spell, many people won’t notice. But for those of us who are ok at spelling and grammar, it looks a little unprofessional. Hope there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes on my post! :)

Thanks for the review very much appreciated!

I am unfortunately not very grammatically inclined. I have in the immediate future organised someone to proof read the site and then also get some copy done.

Thanks again Ben.