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calebmarshall, post: 87112 wrote:
Nice website to start with mate.

However I’d look at improving the ‘call-to-action’ being registering an account.

Have a ‘get started now’ call to action above-the-fold (so that it’s viewable without scrolling down). Make it big and grab a web 2.0 graphics pack off the net to spice it up a little (if you want me to search for one just pm me).

“click one of the boxes below to get started” doesn’t stand out enough. Get that popping into your eyes more, since that’s the place you want them to start.

In terms of promotion you could try paid advertising, however that’s always a risk if you don’t know what you are doing. You could also rank your business in google places for some “quicker” style traffic (rather than longer term SEO) under certain printing keywords.

But most importantly do some offline promotions to other businesses (face-to-face deals, flyers etc.), and then bring them online and develop a relationship with them. Your profits will come with the life-time value of the businesses rather than a ‘one-off’ purchase. Develop an email marketing campaign to stay in contact with these businesses (I’d run with mailchimp.com) – and don’t forget social media particularly LinkedIn and Twitter for B2B relationship development.

Thanks very much for the ideas Caleb. Will definitely be using them :)