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Kennethti, post: 87089 wrote:
It’s not just that, is it Victor – ACCC got involved in the ugg boot case (read the ACCC press release here) because that company, not only used the AMAG certifier but also advertised using other methods that their products were made in Australia.

No doubt you are Australian and your services originate from Australia, however unless you have permission from AMAG, you are using the logo without AMAG’s permission – if so, AMAG retains its right at all times to commence proceedings for breach of trade mark.

Thanks for the warning. I have taken it down. I do however like to say lets see who has a bigger bite (Meaning who’s the bigger fish in this scenario).

Last time I used this was when I was talking about the ATO and then the time before that Optus anyway I think for the 3rd consecutive time I will have to bow down to the bigger guy.