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Neill, post: 87071 wrote:
Please send me a PM if you or someone else has an interesting business specialising in media and technology services (broadly defined) that we might promote on our niche daily deals site coming soon. We will be promoting businesses across a large existing email database (heavy focus in Melb & Syd) plus facebook, twitter, etc.

We want our business model to encourage businesses to use us again and again, so I would also love to hear some creative and imaginative ideas that we can implement to help other businesses grow (i.e. if you do well, then over time, we do well also). So how many ways can you think of to improve some of the service offerings of existing daily deals sites? Note – I’m only referring to the large deals sites here, none of the start ups or young businesses who feature in this forum who are already thinking creatively :).

If you have great ideas, either let me know here or send me a PM. Be prepared to throw out the rule book, get creative, and let me know your wish list!



It’s not a walk in the park to get free PR. Your gonna have to contact alot of blogs. I have a list of aussie tech blogs that I used, but it’s extremely hard to get a reply. Get some PR connections, use PRWeb, Go on today tonight, forums, and small blogs. Unless your idea is very remarkable which a daily deals site isn’t really to be honest, theres alot in oz, i don’t think you can get that much press. So yeah, be different! good luck