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steve201, post: 87733 wrote:
All you have to do, is just ask……

Hi Steve,

OK I will ask :). First, can you think of an angle in what you can do which has a media or technology element to it (this is the vertical I am chasing). Eg. setting up people with online accounting software such as quickbooks or myob and showing them how to use it is one possibility, but there may be more. Do you have any business metrics/KPI software they can incorporate into SME regular reporting? Is there something clever you can do with smartphone apps to do with invoicing, or small scale CRMs or something else which you could ‘package’? Perhaps for the same fixed price, people could choose from one of three or four offerings mentioned in the deal which must be compelling and digestible. As an accountant, I’m sure you will understand some of the pitfalls of daily deals, particularly if your offering is heavily based on labour, but if you send me a PM we can continue dialogue and I can give you some other ideas.

Regards, Neill