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Hi russty,

My question is, can I establish my own ABN and invoice for the sales commissions while I am employed as well??
You probably could but would they bother to pay it is another question.

Your standard role is Admin, however they may have decided to try you out on other aspects of the company,
1) may have only been for training purposes, to see how you would handle that side of the business, increasing your knowledge about their business and what the other employees do.
2)To relieve you from the boredom of the Admin role, to keep your interest in the work place, as part of their OH&S requirements.
3) Tax Office will probably ignore your ABN aspect because you are already listed as an employee.
4) What are the specifics of your employment, you may find they have the allowance to shift you from role to role, even if you only originally employed for admin work.