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Thanks for your ideas, to give you an understanding of how difficult it would be (due to the many areas I cover) my website is http://www.dovelle.com
I have done letter box drops before, hard working out a good solid call to action. I know all advertising costs money and my mistake in the past was I invested money into Yellowpages online and got absolutely no work at all from that. So lesson learnt, every advertising avenue is a gamble.

My target market is potentially homeowners and property investment owners, people who will be the ones spending the money and most of them all shop in different locations. The other difficulty I have found is design, making my business look “better” than the opposition. I have had my mate design my website for me to make the business more professional and yes the online web form I have does bring in work, in 12 months 3 clients, all with a once up job.

I noticed also that a lot of companies are offering for me to buy leads off them, so I pay for the jobs. Is this worth doing, does it pay for itself? Who uses it etc.? I just want a good ROI which I know is the gamble with any advertising.